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Sustainable customer loyalty


Nested Applications

Sustainable technologies

One of the ways our gases and applications benefit our customers is by helping them make their products and processes more environmentally friendly. In so doing, the sales and marketing functions align with the needs of the clientele. Our bulk, pipeline and cylinder gases not only help render processes safer, more cost-effective and / or of higher quality, but also make them more sustainable, whether by reducing greenhouse gases, raising production efficiency, preventing waste, increasing yield, or generating direct energy savings.

Sustainable Technologies

Other process improvements at our customers

Satisfaction of our customers

Satisfying the needs of our customers is our top priority. Measuring the satisfaction of our customers and taking their opinion into consideration are intrinsic to our guiding principles as a responsible company. We have anchored our ambition in our corporate mission statement: We focus on the individual requirements of our customers and help them strengthen their competitive position and performance.

Satisfaction of our customers

Trade fairs and events for promoting customer loyalty