Management & Supervisory Board


Reliability in all business activities is a quality to which both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are committed. Over the past years, the Supervisory Board has supported the strategy of Messer to the best of its ability and, in so doing, has always called for business sustainability alongside commercial success.

Management Board of Messer

Stefan Messer, CEO (2nd from left)*
Bernd Eulitz, Deputy CEO (2nd from right)*
Ernst Bode, COO (left)*
Helmut Kaschenz, CFO*

* Management Board of Messer Management SE as General Partner and extended management of KGaA


Johann Ringhofer, Chief Technology Officer

Adolf Walth, Chief Marketing Officer


Supervisory Board of Messer

Dr. J├╝rgen Heraeus, Chairman and Member of the Audit Committee

From industry and business:

Dr. Werner Breuers, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Johannes Fritz, Chairman of the Audit Committee
Heike Niehues, Member of the Audit Committee
Sabine Scheunert
Dr. Karl-Gerhard Seifert
Dr. Nathalie von Siemens

Maureen Messer-Casamayou